[coreboot] Flash equivalent table [was: Wiki]

Peter Stuge peter at stuge.se
Mon Dec 15 04:32:09 CET 2008

Joseph Smith wrote:
> My point is this: If one day my bios chip died for some unknown reason or
> if I just wanted to upgrade it to a larger size, it would be nice I could
> just look at the table on the Flashrom page and find all the corresponding
> chips that I could use for a replacement, that's all.

A flash equivalent table is a great idea, but I don't think it
belongs on Supported_Mainboards. I would like to see it on a page of
it's own.

> You may think that is the lazy method for not spending hours
> looking through datasheets,

If you know what you need it's really quick to check a few datasheets.
If you have to find out what the old chip was first it takes a little
longer, but certainly not hours. Just shoot the list an email until
this table is in place, several on the list are happy to help you
find the right chip for your board.


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