[coreboot] [RFC] Here we go... the SLOF biosemu for coreboot-v3

Peter Stuge peter at stuge.se
Sat Dec 13 05:41:47 CET 2008

Pattrick Hueper wrote:
> What i read/heard of seabios, it seems, that it is pretty much tied
> with the x86 architecture,

Yes. Everything runs natively. SeaBIOS provides the BIOS stuff needed
by option ROMs.

> whereas the SLOF biosemu is designed to be architecture
> independent, and for me it has proven to be so by being ported from
> OF/PPC to coreboot/x86 with reasonable effort.

It is great progress!

However, x86emu only really emulates real mode AFAIK, and not all
option ROMs stick to that. They could assume that protected mode is
available and enable it during their run. Have you looked into
handling this also in biosemu? Have you seen this behavior in any
option ROMs? Have you already done extensive testing?


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