[coreboot] HT reset hang on 690G/SB600 board Asus M2A-VM

Myles Watson mylesgw at gmail.com
Thu Dec 11 19:40:52 CET 2008

> sysinfo->link_pair_num=0x1
> entering ht_optimize_link
> pos=0x8a, unfiltered freq_cap=0x8075
> pos=0x8a, filtered freq_cap=0x75
> pos=0xd2, unfiltered freq_cap=0x65
> pos=0xd2, filtered freq_cap=0x65
> freq_cap1=0x75, freq_cap2=0x65
> dev1 old_freq=0x0, freq=0x6, needs_reset=0x1
> dev2 old_freq=0x0, freq=0x6, needs_reset=0x1
> width_cap1=0x11, width_cap2=0x11
> dev1 input ln_width1=0x4, ln_width2=0x4
> dev1 input width=0x1
> dev1 output ln_width1=0x4, ln_width2=0x4
> dev1 input|output width=0x11
> old dev1 input|output width=0x11
> dev2 input|output width=0x11
> old dev2 input|output width=0x11
> after ht_optimize_link for link pair 0, reset_needed=0x1
> after optimize_link_read_pointers_chain, reset_needed=0x1
> needs_reset=0x1
> ht reset -
> and it hangs here again.
> I'll try to reduce maximum allowed link frequency and retest.

Same symptoms of incorrect reset code to me.  If that's the problem, it will
hang as long as there's a reset called.  I think it's unlikely that the
problem is the link width or frequency if the other board works with the
same chips.


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