[coreboot] Windows XP and Coreboot + SeaBIOS

Rudolf Marek r.marek at assembler.cz
Tue Dec 9 00:35:30 CET 2008

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I started to hack to make SeaBIOS boot Windows XP and of course its installer.
The patch attached fixes some stuff already noticed by Kevin (FACP align, wrong
total size). And it adds some dynamic _CRS calculation in AML code. It uses SSDT
table with IO resources. For some reason this does not work, but resource hack
allows to boot Windows ACPI hal installer. I won't have much time to continue
with this week or so (maybe more...).

The idea is to let the PCI CRS resource to be calculated dynamically. The CRS
resource for host bridge is needed for Windows. Some ideas are described here:
http://www.acpi.info/acpi_faq.htm How is it done? Coreboot amd-acpi.c reads all
IO resource registers and put them into SSDT table. The AML code in
amdk8_util.asl should construct the IO resource containers which will be
returned concatenated with BUF0. As I stated above, it ends with 0xA5 STOP.
There is some problem somewhere, but once it is fixed, windows should work ;)

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