[coreboot] #102: flashrom: coreboot ROM image file identification heuristic is broken

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Sat Dec 6 23:37:32 CET 2008

#102: flashrom: coreboot ROM image file identification heuristic is broken
    Reporter:  stuge     |         Owner:  stuge              
        Type:  defect    |        Status:  new                
    Priority:  major     |     Milestone:  flashrom v1.0      
   Component:  flashrom  |       Version:                     
  Resolution:            |      Keywords:  rom image heuristic
Dependencies:            |   Patchstatus:  there is no patch  

Comment(by stuge):

 Hold on, this is a bit tricky.

 This is about flashrom trying to identify the image it is about to flash.
 After identification it checks the vendor/board information in the image
 against that in a coreboot table, and will warn the user if the image
 seems unsuitable for the board flashrom is running on, and require -f to
 override a mismatch.

 The fact is that we are having a very hard time coming up with a test
 which determines whether an image is coreboot or not to begin with, and
 we're also having some difficulties with the technical details of how to
 store image metadata in the image itself.

 I suggest that we completely remove the image detection for 1.0 and add
 the feature back in at a later time when we actually have something close
 to a good solution. We have already spent far too much effort on this
 problem, and it's sole purpose is to warn users when they are
 crossflashing on a board which is running coreboot. I don't think we need

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