[coreboot] Dynamic detection of Parallel Port

Joseph Smith joe at settoplinux.org
Sat Dec 6 16:22:44 CET 2008

For the Paraflasher project I would like to setup a function to
automatically detect the presence of the PC's parallel ports and their base
addresses. This way it doesn't need to be hard-coded into the program. I
was thinking of using /proc/ioports to do this but I am not really sure how
to do this in C. Here is what I am thinking:

1. First use grep -c paraport /proc/ioports to check if we have multiple
parallel ports and maybe setup loop for it.
2. Then grep paraport /proc/ioports again to get the base address of each
parallel port detected. This is where I am stuck. I just need to turn the
first 4 characters (base address) into a variable. Can anyone help???

Joseph Smith

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