[coreboot] [Fwd: AMD Releases Documentation for AMD SB600 and AMD 690 Chipset source code for Coreboot]

Rudolf Marek r.marek at assembler.cz
Wed Dec 3 14:47:27 CET 2008

Just FYI:

AMD helps lower barriers for Open Source Development of AMD based 
embedded systems

Continuing its efforts to support the Open Source Community AMD has 
announced the release of the public versions of its SB600 documents. 
With the availability of the SB600 documentation, along with the already 
available AMD 690 Series chipset and processor documents, Open Source 
developers are now enabled to develop firmware and drivers for AMD based 
embedded systems.

AMD has also contributed the AMD 690 Series chipset, SB600, and DBM690E 
platform source code to the coreboot project (formerly know as 
LinuxBIOS). In the upcoming months, AMD plans to work with the coreboot 
community to enable AMD 690 chipset based systems to help provide the 
best possible coreboot experience.

"Since our earliest days in the LinuxBIOS project at Los Alamos National 
Labs, and continuing to its evolution to coreboot, AMD has been 
unequalled in their support of open source BIOS software; not just in 
documents, but in code and support." said Dr. Ronald G. Minnich, founder 
and developer of the coreboot project, and Principle Member of Technical 
Staff, Sandia National Labs, California. "We are looking forward to our 
continued work with AMD on the new chipsets."

The coreboot project is an Open Source firmware replacement focused on 
loading the Linux® operating system. Coreboot is an alternative firmware 
solution for AMD customers and technology partners that require an open 
and customizable embedded bootloader. AMD and the coreboot community 
have worked closely together for a number of years to develop coreboot 
for the AMD Athlon™ processor, AMD Opteron™ processor, AMD Phenom™ 
processor, and AMD Geode™ processor and the AMD-8000™ Series, AMD 690 
Series and AMD CS5536 chipsets. AMD plans to continue supporting 
coreboot on future embedded silicon and platform releases.

In addition to this documentation, AMD embedded has also expanded its 
AMD 64 processors and chipset Linux support documentation. This includes 
BIOS, drivers and open processor information which can now be downloaded 
from AMD.com. AMD continues to collaborate with its customers in 
providing the resources and support to help enable their customers to 
market low-power, high-performance solutions.

For more information regarding SB600 documentation, AMD 64 processor and 
chipset Linux support and AMD embedded solutions please see:

For more information on coreboot please see:

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