[coreboot] Request for comments: v3 config script

Myles Watson mylesgw at gmail.com
Tue Dec 2 20:45:03 CET 2008

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> Subject: [coreboot] Request for comments: v3 config script
> We have had a configuration problem smoldering for some time in
> buildrom.  Basically, the problem is that we sometimes want buildrom to
> have some sort of control over the configuration of coreboot v2 and v3.
> The classic example is compression - buildrom allows the user to choose
> if they want to compress with LZMA or not - the problem is that this
> then needs to be communicated to coreboot v2 or v3, which is difficult
> to do with static configuration files.  So we need a way to massage the
> v2 and v3 configuration files based on information from buildrom.

The last time we looked at this, I thought we decided that we would just
have a "reasonable" default for v3, and not let the user configure it any
more than that.  So in defconfig we always enable LZMA.  This allows the
user to compress the payload or not.  The other thing we allowed the user to
change was ROM size.  Anything else they need to do a make

I think that's still reasonable for v3.  What other things do we want
configurable directly from buildrom?
> Attached is a quick script that I wrote this morning that starts to go
> down that path for v3.  Given a trigger item in the buildrom config (in
> this case CONFIG_USE_LZMA), it adds the appropriate config options to
> the v3 config which is piped in through stdin. The result is a fully
> operational config file that can be run through oldconfig in the v3 build.
> I'm sending this out for comments - clearly this is an early hack, and
> there will be refinements made.  And v3 is the easy case - v2 is going
> to be a bear, and unfortunately v2 is the system that needs this the most.

I agree that v2 is the real needy one here.  I think this might be overkill
for v3.


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