[coreboot] RFC Flashrom Live CD

Joseph Smith joe at settoplinux.org
Sat Aug 30 18:37:11 CEST 2008

On Fri, 29 Aug 2008 16:50:46 -0500, bari <bari at onelabs.com> wrote:
> We are getting a list of features together to make a Flashrom Live CD.
> http://www.coreboot.org/Flashrom_Live_CD
> Comments and suggestions appreciated!
Great work Bari:-)
Eventually it would be nice to see all of the utilities on the disk
(nvramtool, getpir, inteltool, etc.).
Booting it from a flashdrive would be incredably great, unforunatly we
don't have a coreboot payload to support this.........

Joseph Smith

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