[coreboot] romcc dislikes dump_spd_registers!

Mats Erik Andersson mats.andersson at gisladisker.se
Wed Aug 27 18:37:08 CEST 2008

Hello again,

I just realized that today's compilation efforts for
my mainboard fail exactly when I include dump_spd_registers
in the code. Is this known somehow? I really want to know
the content in the SPD register, since I want to have a go
at probing the amount of ram present on the board.

When my code include a call to dump_spd_registers, the build
process comes to halt due to a shortage of processor registers
for the code that romcc produces. This shows up in precisely
the same manner as the error that I asked about earlier today
within the test suite for romcc.

Best regards

Mats Erik Andersson

By the way, I work on a port to MS-6147/i440BX/i81371EB/W83977TF.

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