[coreboot] Test installation of the review board webapplication

Patrick Georgi patrick at georgi-clan.de
Tue Aug 26 10:11:40 CEST 2008

Hi there,

On IRC, there was a request for a web based patch system.
I installed review board (http://www.review-board.org), which is "a
powerful web-based code review tool that offers developers an easy way
to handle code reviews" (to quote its website), to give it a spin.

It's not integrated properly yet, as I want to see if it's usable for us
first. However, if we agree to use it, I can migrate the database and
keep its data, if it's clean enough after our testing.
I didn't enable the full text search, or (more importantly) mail
notification yet - these would come at later stages, if review board
looks good enough for us.

Our installation can be found (for now) at
http://www.coreboot.org:9119/, but will be moved to some subdomain once
it's official.

The work flow in review board is like this:
1. The submitter creates a review request, consisting of a patch with
meta data (subject, description) for a project.
2. Other users can see the request, and comment on it (in general, or to
parts of the patch)
3. Updated patches can be attached to the review request (and you can
see the diff between patches)
These two steps repeat until the patch is in a suitable state
4. Someone (not the submitter) hits the "Ship it" button/link, which is
the equivalent to our "Acked-By" (though I'll have to look if that keeps
the ACKer)
5. The submitter (or someone else) hits the "Set Submitted" button/link
to mark the review as done (so it disappears from plain sight) -
ideally, after the patch is committed

For submitting requests, there's a shell utility, too

The server is configured so you can create review requests for the
following subprojects: coreboot-v2, coreboot-v3, libpayload. Of course,
I can add more of our subprojects (right now, I'm the only admin, though
this will change).
Each of them have access to the respective svn repository, so you can
post diffs against svn and it's able to fetch the necessary context.
For each of the subprojects, there's a review group that you can
subscribe to. This has the effect that you see related review requests
in your dashboard (frontpage of the app) and (in later stages) get mail
notifications for the projects you're interested in.

Comments welcome!

Patrick Georgi

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