[coreboot] what could cause this?

ron minnich rminnich at gmail.com
Tue Aug 26 00:45:41 CEST 2008

rminnich at lb:~/src/bios/coreboot-v3$ lar l build/bios.bin
  normal/option_table (1776 bytes @0x50);loadaddress 0x0 entry 0x0
  normal/initram/segment0 (24404 bytes @0x790);loadaddress 0x0 entry 0x0x4
  normal/stage2/segment0 (195156 bytes, zeroes compressed to 1 bytes
@0x6740);loadaddress 0x0xd360 entry 0x0x2000
  normal/stage2/segment1 (33781 bytes, lzma compressed to 18404 bytes
@0x67a0);loadaddress 0x0x2000 entry 0x0x2000
  normal/stage2/segment2 (9036 bytes, lzma compressed to 559 bytes
@0xafe0);loadaddress 0x0xb000 entry 0x0x2000
  normal/payload/segment0 (30944 bytes, lzma compressed to 18142 bytes
@0xb260);loadaddress 0x0x10000 entry 0x0x100b0
  bootblock (263635550 bytes @0x6e192)
Total size = 263699172 bytes (0xfb7bae4)

Note the size of the bootbock ... is this related to global variables
in any way?


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