[coreboot] Via EPIA-MII and linuxbios

bari bari at onelabs.com
Sat Aug 23 07:18:28 CEST 2008

I'll pass this along to the list. Maybe someone will help you.
> Greg Chandler wrote:
>> I was working on this board to get the Linuxbios going so I can use the
>> PCMCIA bridge/CF working for boot, but have run into some snags with the
>> document you wrote:
>> http://www.coreboot.org/VIA_Epia-M%2C_MII_Build_Tutorial
>> Here's a list of what I have found, and I'm wondering if you can help
>> set me straight?
>> {Note I am a fairly advanced hardware guy, have EEPROM programer in case
>> I mess up, etc...}
>> 1) {not a big deal}
>> The doc claims that there are 2 firmware chips, yet on inspection of the
>> board there is only one.  It is 256k and the flashrom util {once built}
>> does read and verify it.
>> What the other chip is, I have no idea, since neither the util nor I can
>> actually find it.
>> 2) {also not a big deal}
>> Filo config section doesn't have a list of the options, or caveats
>> upfront about the cs_ide stuff.  There is a section later, but having to
>> go back and rebuild is annoying.  Also listing USB_DISK=1 as an option
>> would be helpfull since that is a supported method, and some of the
>> users may be doing that to jumpstart the first board of many ;)
>> 3) {big problem}
>> The build when downloading the latest corev2 snapshot doesn't work.
>> The Makefile is also no longer the same.
>> The example listed, no longer exists for pre-pending the video bios,
>> I've figured out what it should be now, but the tutorial is out of date.
>> The code also has hard paths coded to ~/svn/payload.elf
>> in both the "fallbackMakefile" and "normal/Makefile" files.
>> I'm not the expert I used to be, but that's pretty retarded for an
>> assumption of where the files are going to be at build time...

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