[coreboot] Fam10h support for Tyan S2912-E

Arne Georg Gleditsch arne.gleditsch at dolphinics.no
Thu Aug 7 16:02:29 CEST 2008

Marc Jones <Marc.Jones at amd.com> writes:
> I think that is a good way to go.

That seems to have worked reasonably well.  I can now get to 

PCI: 01:04.0 init
rom address for PCI: 01:04.0 = fc000000
Incorrect Expansion ROM Header Signature 7070
Devices initialized
i=0 bus range: [0, 4] bus_isa=5
Writing IRQ routing tables to 0xf0000...done.
PCI: 00:01.0 missing resource: 14

which I'm not sure how to deal with, but by neutering find_resource I
can actually get it to load FILO.  Now, if I could just get FILO to find
my disks...

Also, does anyone know if the VGA BIOS for the onboard ATI ES1000 is
available anywhere?


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