[coreboot] Problems with newer revision

Klaus Stammermann klaus123 at ibnoetzold.de
Tue Aug 5 08:29:51 CEST 2008

Hi Peter

>On Mon, Aug 04, 2008 at 04:07:29PM +0200, Klaus Stammermann wrote:
>> I tried to use coreboot on VIA EPIA ME6000G. With revision 2184
>> system starts but with newest revision there are some problems.

>What problems?
Sorry, but at my last posting my email prog used wrong email adress. With
this adress I wrote my problems some time ago. I had to just irq polling
and the x-server couldn't find video card. For more information you could
look to mailing list.

>> I know you can't test new revisions with all boards,

>Actually there is infrastructure to do just that, but it's not super
>easy to integrate with yet.
No problem

>> but there where about 1300 new one. Does no one use this board or
>> is there no development for ME6000G anymore?

>I think both those statements are true. It's a rather old board. I
>had an EPIA-MII, but the caps blew and I haven't been able to source
>new ones easily enough.

>> Some information would be nice to see what I am going to do on my
>> project.

>I'm sorry, but I'm not sure what the problem is. Maybe it's
>acceptable for you to keep using the old revision? If not you'll of
>course have to rebase your local patch and help find the problem with
>newer revs on the board. Could you send your changes to the mailing

Maybe the old rev works so good I could use old sources. I will test and
look what changes could be interesting for me. If I will do changes on
sources to work better with coreboot on my board I will post these changes
here. But at first I have to look if anything important does not run.


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