[coreboot] patch: v3.k8.wip1

Peter Stuge peter at stuge.se
Sat Aug 2 05:18:41 CEST 2008

This is my current tree, it applies on top of v3.it8716f.patch.

Ron, sorry, but k8/raminit.c does not compile at all. Lots of fixes are still
needed to have it fit into v3. I've gone through about 1/8 of the file, it
errors out on line 576 for me now.

The mcp55 files are in a very early state and also do not compile for me, so
I've disabled them by commenting out the select in mainboard/gigabyte/Kconfig.

Once northbridge/amd/k8/raminit.c builds, k8_ops needs to be added, then we
may actually have the first successful k8 build. :)

If we are going to do more of this intensive coop development it
might be a good idea use some temporary git repos if everyone can
work with that easily. It would be fine for me, and it would be nice
to not have to send these big patches back and forth. But unless
everyone can do it easily I don't think we should bother. Let's focus
on k8 here. :)

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