[coreboot] using grub with coreboot

Patrick Georgi patrick at georgi-clan.de
Wed Apr 23 20:19:38 CEST 2008

Am Mittwoch, den 23.04.2008, 21:25 +0400 schrieb Mikhail Savchenko:
> Hi Partick, 
> Sorry, I ask you again, but I have new problem with grub, may be you know
> something about this.
> As I say no I'm ok to configure grub with grub.cfg on diskimage, so I trying
> make my system to boot, I'm configure grub to book my xen.gz kernel using
> multiboot command because xen needs multiboot support, and my system going
> to reboot right after I'm pressing "enter" in grub menu. By the way using
> the linux command instead of multiboot do the same result. My xen.gz kernel
> is 100% compatible with this platform, so the problem in grub. May be you
> know any special issues for boot xen with grub on coreboot, or maybe it's
> imposible right now. Hope for your support!
I'm still debugging issues with more complex clients booted by grub2. 
For example, grub invaders "boots" correctly, but it doesn't require any
setup by multiboot. OpenSolaris (using multiboot) and Linux (using the
linux loading routine) both fail for me right now.

One issue could be that grub2's multiboot implementation is still
unfinished (you can try that by trying to boot your xen image on a
system with normal bios and a i386-pc version of grub2), the other, that
there are bugs in the boot loader routines in cbgrub2. (definitely the
case for linux)

Patrick Georgi

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