[coreboot] Stepping in boot code of DB800 via JTAG

llandre r&d2 at dave-tech.it
Tue Apr 22 11:52:44 CEST 2008

I successfully booted the DB800 evaluation board with coreboot v2, 
however I can't step the boot code via JTAG (FS2 System Navigator).
Following is the console dump.
Anybody experienced the same problem?

System Analyzer for Geode(tm) GX/LX Processor
Serial number 40464
Software version 2.1.3 build 3
Hardware version sysnav
Copyright (C) 1998-2005 First Silicon Solutions, Inc.
The initialization file, user.tcl, has completed successfully.
1> reset
User reset.
cs:0xFFF0u  E9F176       jmp 0x76e4
2> config
{BkptPoll 100}
{BtmHack off}
{ChipType auto}
{Coherent auto}
{DisablePowerManagement off}
{DisableTrace off}
{EipHack off}
{Flash SST49LF004B-block}
{GdbPort 54545}
{JtagChain 24,X}
{Path C:/PROGRA~1/Fs2/Geode/Bin}
{Port sysnav-usb}
{ReserveDR off}
{ResetDuration 500}
{RestoreAllRegs off}
{ShowFtw off}
{TckRate 700000}
{TraceFlushEip 0xfffffff3}
{TrigInActiveState 0}
{TrigOutActiveState 0}
{TrigOutTarget off}
{TvccThreshold 1500}
{UserDR off}
3> step
CPU does not respond to stop requests.  CPU could be hung.


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