[coreboot] Storing names of payloads in larballs

Peter Stuge peter at stuge.se
Mon Apr 14 23:42:35 CEST 2008

On Mon, Apr 14, 2008 at 07:51:15AM +0200, Patrick Georgi wrote:
> Alternatively, move the name into the lar filesystem:
>  payload/0/chooser
>  payload/1/tint - the stand-alone tetris clone
>  payload/2/GRUB Invaders
> the number is the order in which they are displayed or loaded,
> depending on the behaviour of payload/0.

Neat! chooser must know lar anyway.

I'd like to avoid the sorting subdir however. Sorting can be
accomplished just as easily by implementations in chooser:

* larball file order (use lar to reorder files)
* filename (with option to strip leading [0-9_] characters)
* file size
* execution frequency (needs counter in flash)


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