[coreboot] Time for a new project

Jordan Crouse jordan.crouse at amd.com
Sun Apr 13 19:24:59 CEST 2008

On 13/04/08 19:03 +0200, Segher Boessenkool wrote:
>> The endianism is specified by the processor, not the software.
> Not true.  There are *many* processors that can run either
> little-endian or correct-endian: ARM, MIPS, PowerPC, ...

Thats true, but lets not confuse the issue.  By the time that it
ever gets to our little part of the world, the endianism has 
been established, either in the silicon, by a resistor strap, or by a bit.

>> And since v3 only works on an x86,
> I hope to change that soon.

Thats your decision.

>> we could ignore it for now.
> No you cannot, if you're defining this new binary format.  Yet
> another reason why you really shouldn't.

Indeed we cannot ignore the problem.

>> But
>> we know that the problem exists, and we might as well account for it
>> now.  By specifying it as little endian, we do put other architectures
>> at a disadvantage.  But none of those other architectures are in play
>> for a very long time.  You have to play to your strengths.
> ???
> What are you saying here?

I believe that the primary market for coreboot is x86, and will be for
a very long time (possibly for ever).  You are welome to prove me wrong,

Jordan Crouse
Systems Software Development Engineer 
Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.

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