[coreboot] coreboot AGESA support

Tom Sylla tsylla at gmail.com
Sat Apr 12 16:10:16 CEST 2008

This is mostly for the AMD guys, but is probably relevant to many on the list.

Is anyone working on getting AGESA working in coreboot again? Back
when we were deciding on a firmware solution for our platform, the
plan for LinuxBIOS AGESA support was a very good advantage for
coreboot. After seeing the path for AGESA support languish for a few
months, as well as Opteron support in general, we decided to use AMI
instead (for various other reasons too). With AMI, every month or so,
we get new AGESA drop, plop it in our build, and get various errata
fixes, HT support, Barcelona fixes, etc.

Is there any plan for this?

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