[coreboot] v3 qemu and gcc-4.3.0

Devils-Hawk dev at stuffit.at
Wed Apr 2 21:16:29 CEST 2008

> Thanks, committed in r3204 with some cosmetic changes. Works for me in
> QEMU and on hardware.

Sorry for the late response, have been busy with actual studying (scary) :) . 
The committed patch still retains the wrong directions for the last movl 
instruction. As Mr. Crouse pointed out 

>/* Restore the stack pointer from the storage area. */
>-       movl 16(%ebx), %esp
>+       /* Restore old stack. */
>+       movl %esp, %ebx
should really be
>          movl %ebx, %esp

I have a patch that adresses the rest of the raised issues but it mysteriously 
dies somewhere in vga init. Haven't yet had the time to take a closer look.
Attached, maybe somebody knows whats going wrong. ;) No sign-off because the 
patch is not working. ;)

best regards, devh

PS: hopefully ddd gets a new maintainer, this tool rocks! ;)
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