[LinuxBIOS] Dummy pci dev for image on a usb flash drive (Peter Stuge)

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Thu Sep 27 17:17:57 CEST 2007

Quoting Baski <kbaski at yahoo.com>:

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> Date: Thu, 27 Sep 2007 11:04:22 +0200
> From: Peter Stuge
> Subject: Re: [LinuxBIOS] Dummy pci dev for image on a usb flash drive
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> On Wed, Sep 26, 2007 at 10:19:08PM -0700, Baski wrote:
>> I want to place an option ROM image on a raw USB flash drive.
> Please explain why, otherwise we can't help you much.
>> It will be an option ROM image of a proper controller with correct
>> option ROM and PNP headers. How can we make linuxBios to look for
>> this drive and allocate dummy pci resources like bus 0 dev-xx, fun
>> yy and irqs?
> First, LB has no USB drivers. You could move what is in FILO over
> though.
> More relevant is the fact that LB can't allocate resources to
> hardware that does not exist. Unless you have the controller itself
> it's not possible to set any resources. They are set in registers
> (RAM) that is mandatory for PCI cards to have (the so called PCI
> config space) and no card means nowhere to set things.
> Furthermore, option ROMs are not really "compatible" with LB, the
> idea is to try to use existing open source drivers with LB instead of
> binary blobs with broken interfaces.
> So - what do you want to accomplish with your idea? There may be a
> better way to do it, or it may be best to forget the whole thing.
> We can't say without more info.
> //Peter
> This is for my MS project. We want to simulate a PCI card and use   
> one of the CPU cores to do our processing.  We would also want to   
> reserve that core.
> We want to create the dummy pci device so that OS driver can   
> communicate with the emulated card.  What methods would you suggest?
> Thanks.
I don't get it. Why do you need to simulate a pci card?? Why not just  
use a real one??

Thanks - Joe

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