[LinuxBIOS] adlo

Myles Watson myles at pel.cs.byu.edu
Tue Sep 25 22:49:24 CEST 2007

I've been struggling with booting windows on my Tyan s2891 box.


For some reason the CD detection routine is a little flaky, but I can get it
to boot every time if I have a raw hard drive and give it a few seconds
after the Etherboot prompt before I tell it to load adlo. This also depends
on the debugging output being enabled, so I suspect a timing issue, but I
don't know where to look.


I can install Windows XP on the hard drive.


When I restart the machine (without the CD) it starts copying things from
the hard drive into memory, displays the status bar on the bottom, then
fails (the status bar turns orange, then blue)


I think it may have to do with LBA translation, but my drives are getting
recognized fine.


I'm attaching my patch.  I grabbed makesym.perl and biossums.c from Bochs so
I could run it in the simulator as well.


Some of the changes are for my debugging convenience.


I'm open to suggestions for what to try next.





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