[LinuxBIOS] badly initialized (?) pci bridge on the M57SLI (with irq table and mptable)

echelon at free.fr echelon at free.fr
Mon Sep 24 13:46:59 CEST 2007


 Unfortunatelly that doesn't work..
 The observed behaviour of LinuxBIOS after the change is exactly the same as
before.. (I have no logs yet, I will post them this evening..)
 After Linux boots (with LB) the PCI bridge (00:06.0) is still badly (or not!)

 In fact, I noticed a (very small) effect of the code change proposed by
 - before the change, the command:
    setpci -s 00:01.0 78.l
   gives the result:
 - after the change, the same command gives the result:
 This validates, I think, that my build of LB was correct, the programming of
the flash was successfull, and LB did indeed execute the initialization proposed
by Yinghai..
 But the PCI bridge activation/initialization issue remains .. :/

 Any ideas?..

 Best regards,
  Florentin Demetrescu

Quoting yhlu <yinghailu at gmail.com>:

> please try to move
> RES_PCI_IO, PCI_ADDR(0, 1, 0, 0x78), 0xC0FFFFFF, 0x19000000,
> from
> ctrl_conf_master_only
> to
> ctrl_conf_mcp55_only
> YH

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