[LinuxBIOS] [LinuxBIOSv2] WIP Support for RCA RM4100 - i82830 Complete

Corey Osgood corey.osgood at gmail.com
Tue Sep 18 22:16:24 CEST 2007

joe at smittys.pointclark.net wrote:
> Quoting Uwe Hermann <uwe at hermann-uwe.de>:
>> I'd like to wait with committing until (a) a few issues are resolved,
>> and (b) the board boots up to a Linux login prompt, if possible.
> Ok but the problem now is related to the Southbridge i82801DB not  
> anything I have written.

Yeah, just blame it all on me ;) I'd like to see this sneak in as well,
wouldn't be the first time a port that wasn't quite finished was committed.

>>> Index: src/mainboard/rca/rm4100/Config.lb
>> RCA RM4100 is the name of the box as a whole, correct? Can you look at
>> the mainboard and search for a vendor and mainboard name/ID?
>> If there is one (printed on the PCB), we should use that as the
>> target name in LinuxBIOS (as we did with other embedded stuff).
> Well, it was originally made by Thomson Electronics Model: IP1000 but
> RCA now manufactures the device and board as Model: RM4100

Are those two models exactly the same? IIRC, Thomson belongs to RCA (or
vice versa). Just curiosity more than anything.

>>> +	chip cpu/intel/socket_PGA370
>> Is this a Socket 370 board?
> It is a Low Voltage Intel® Celeron® processor (Micro-FC-BGA) 733MHz  
> but socket_PGA370 seems to work ok.

Did you add your CPUID to the code there? Or is it already there?

>>> +static void ac97_io_enable(void)
>>> +{
>>> +	device_t dev;
>>> +
>>> +	/* Set the ac97 audio device staticly. */
>>> +	dev = PCI_DEV(0x0, 0x1f, 0x5);
>>> +
>>> +	/* Enable access to the IO space. */
>>> +	pci_write_config8(dev, 0x41, 0x01);
>> Is this really needed? The lines in Config.lb should instruct LinuxBIOS
>> to properly enable the device, no?
> If I don't do this when booting the ac97 memory resuources become read only.

Can that be moved into i82801xx_ac97.c (or i82801xx_audio.c, can't
remember what I called it)? Or must it be done before ram init? I have
no audio on my boards, so I had no way to test anything to do with ac97.
Or could it even be dropped into the i82801xx folder in a file like
i82801xx_early_ac97.c and be included from there?

>> Not _too_ different to i815, it seems. Any chance this code could be
>> merged into the i815 code, with some i830 specifics special-cased?
>> If that's possible I'd really prefer it over creating another
>> near-duplicate code base.
> Actually the i830 is more like the i845 chipset, but it is adaptable,  
> I'm sure.

i815? Do you mean i810? And the i810 isn't close enough even to the i815
for merging (I tried). Perhaps post-ram could be merged, but pre-ram has
some very major differences, at least in that case. Haven't looked at
i830 and i810 side by side.


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