[LinuxBIOS] Epia MII, Compact Flash and device nodes

Markus Tornqvist mjt at nysv.org
Mon Sep 17 09:01:02 CEST 2007


I hope I'm not too far off the mark, and this is semi-offtopic, but what
I'm wondering about is udev and compact flash.

What I'm doing is installing Debian with FAI[1] and afterwards would be
flashing the bios with LinuxBios. The FAI installation works on a regular
hard drive just perfectly.

The problem: I'm not seeing the cflash /dev/hde. It's found a-ok by
lspcmcia and pccardctl, as well as cating /sys (which is apparently
pretty much what udevinfo does as well)

I searched the archives and they seem to point me towards etherboot
like http://www.mail-archive.com/linuxbios@clustermatic.org/msg03583.html
but especially stages 4-6 in that list seem to be something I'm not 
planing on doing at the moment.

My idea is to do whatever it takes to get FAI to install on the cflash
and use that to make an initrd payload to the make a root of the card.

What do I need to get this thing going?


[1] http://www.informatik.uni-koeln.de/fai/

Unfortunately a lot of the other mail traffic is about using an adapter;
imo that sort of defeats the purpose of having an integrated bridge...


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