[LinuxBIOS] ADLO on a real machine

Myles Watson myles at pel.cs.byu.edu
Sat Sep 15 00:53:17 CEST 2007

> >  I'd like to help with ADLO, could give me some more details when you
> try
> to boot using ADLO?
> It's pretty unspectacular.  The error message is:
> ata0 master: Unknown device
> It won't even try to boot.

There are two ways it seemed like I could do this
1. Add support for new drives to Bochs' BIOS
2. Backport Filo's driver

I started #2.  It starts and fails quickly.  I'll work on it more on Monday,
but if anyone is interested in looking it over in the mean time, that would
be great. 

To build it, replace your rombios.c with my rombios.c, filo_ide.h, and
filo_ide.c files, then cross your fingers :)

Right now it still has the ATA support from Bochs, it just calls the FILO
probe routines and then tries to continue.

Once it detects the disks correctly, I'll have to make the BIOS callbacks
function correctly with the new disk data.


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