[LinuxBIOS] linuxbios on decTOP

Jordan Crouse jordan.crouse at amd.com
Thu Sep 13 17:00:18 CEST 2007

On 13/09/07 10:25 +0200, Uwe Hermann wrote:
> Hi,
> On Wed, Sep 12, 2007 at 10:30:27PM -0700, embedded linux wrote:
> > 
> > DecTOP (AMD PIC)  is selling for $99 or (4 for $297)
> > http://www.dataevolution.com/dectop%20info%202.htm
> > 
> > Since this is similar to OLPC hardware, I assume this is supported? Anyone has any experience with this hardware?
> No experience here, and it's not supported out of the box. However, as
> the chipset (GX2 northbridge and CS5535 southbridge, I think) is
> already supported, it shouldn't be too much work.
> I see one problem, namely that the ROM/BIOS chip is soldered on
> to the board (and not in a socket), according to
> http://www.enicomms.com/decTOP/DSCF1154.JPG
> This will require some soldering (desolder the chip, solder on a
> socket), so that you are able to insert a backup ROM chip in case of
> problems with flashing (and for testing during development).
> If you want to give this a try, please send us more information,
> lspci -nnn, lspci -vvv, lspnp -v (note: 'lspnp'. not lspci this time).

It is a GX2 with a 5535.  You will have to desolder the ROM, but IIRC,
its pretty easy to get a socket on the PCB. The one big problem is that
there isn't a serial port, so you'll be stuck without any sort of output
until the kernel framebuffer comes up.  There's a clever hardware hack to
get around that by intercepting the DDC lines on the VGA, though, if you
are really interested (of course, you'll need to set up the serial port
accordingly in the LB code).

Other then that, I don't recall any huge gotchas, mainboard wise.


Jordan Crouse
Systems Software Development Engineer 
Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.

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