[LinuxBIOS] RCA RM4100 almost running - help

Joseph Smith joe at smittys.pointclark.net
Thu Sep 6 06:39:26 CEST 2007

>> No, this means that your ram isn't being initialized correctly
>> somewhere. Start by checking that your northbridge timing registers are
>> set correctly, drbs set correctly, etc. As long as the init itself
>> follows the same procedure as the 440bx and 810, that should be correct.
>> Comparing lspci -xxx -s 0:0.0 and dump_dev(0) (from debug.c) might also
>> provide some help.
>> -Corey
I think I figured it out. It was the GCC1-?GMCH Control Register #1.
This is the register where you indicate the memory pre-allocated for  
the frame buffer for IGD (Internel Graphics Display). Plus, this is a  
16 bit register and the upper 15:7 bits are reserved. The memory space  
LinuxBIOS gets copied to must have been conflicting with this?? I will  
have to set it up so it just sets the lower 6:0 bits. Anyways, I am  
now so close I can taste it:-)

Thanks - Joe

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