[LinuxBIOS] A question of support... (GX1/CS5530/PC97317)

Juergen Beisert juergen127 at kreuzholzen.de
Wed Sep 5 10:15:52 CEST 2007

On Tuesday 04 September 2007 04:37, Gavin Groce wrote:
> I think I just answered my own question...
> The box has a AT27C020...
> http://www.atmel.com/dyn/resources/prod_documents/doc0570.pdf
> Which is OTP (one time programmable) :(
> And it does not look to me pin compatable with the other AMTEL
> supported chips in a PLCC (i think that is the correct acro.)
> package...

Your device is pin compatible to all other 256kiB flash chips with PLCC32 
housing. For example SST93SF020A or AM29F002 and many other can replace it.
The only thing to check is, if your board can program this device in place 
(means if the developer routed the WE# signal to the device). Otherwise you 
need an external flash programmer.


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