[LinuxBIOS] Ethernet problem with GeodeLX (db800) with running lxbios

Steffen D. ml at saxnet.de
Mon Sep 3 14:35:52 CEST 2007

Hello again,

i finally got my linuxbios running under my db800 development board.

I now have a problem with ethernet. When there is traffic over the 
ethernet device there come a lot of "r8169: eth0: link up" messages 
again and again. Also the datarate is very very slow (~100kbyte).

I tryed it with the normal bios and there it works perfectly. I also 
have checked the cable and such simple things, im really sure that it is 
a bios problem.

Here are all details:

Ethernet: RTL8110SB
SuperIO - Winbond83627hG
AMD Geode LX 700 / CS5536AD
ROM - SST49LF004B (4mbit)
Devel-env: debian gcc-4.1 (3.4 wont work at all with lxbios for me!)
Linubios 2750 (made with buildrom).

Any tipps are very welcome :)



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