[LinuxBIOS] buildrom

Ward Vandewege ward at gnu.org
Sun Sep 2 21:39:55 CEST 2007

I've been working on adding support for the m57sli to buildrom. I'm almost
there - particularly I've got filo and linux-as-a-bootloader (lab) going. Lab
has a stripped down kernel and a tiny initrd in a 1MB rom chip (25K
to spare :), configured to kexec another kernel from disk. I need to do a bit
more testing but I intend to have filo and lab fully functional, and
hopefully I'll also have time to look at other payloads.

Now; before I post my patches to the list for review, I'd like to know what
the current thinking is on the future of buildrom.

There are a couple of issues with buildrom as it stands today:

a) it's v2 only
b) there is no standardized way to use a different initrd 'skeleton' for a specific board
c) there is no standardized way to have different LinuxBIOS Config.lb files for a
particular board, based on the payload

It looks like the kconfig setup for v3 will take over much (everything?) of
what buildrom does now. If that is true, I think I might just add a few
patches to fix b) and c) before I submit the m57sli patches.

Thoughts? Does that sound reasonable?


Ward Vandewege <ward at fsf.org>
Free Software Foundation - Senior System Administrator

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