[LinuxBIOS] [PATCH] v2: AZZA PT-6IBD support

popkonserve popkonserve at gmx.de
Wed Oct 31 19:26:58 CET 2007

>>> Thanks guys to have this board in svn now. It boots ok here.  Except for
>>> a few problems:
>>> - my processor has only 32 kb of cache reported though it has 512kb
>>> withen booted with proprietiary bios
>>> - only one DIMM is recognized in the motherboard
>> L2 cache is disabled. Only L1 is there.
>> Stefan
> Is there a way to enable L2 cache.
yes, there is. as i wrote before:

 >hmm, no. actually x86_enable_cache() just emits a post code, prints 
 >some info and calls enable_cache() which is an inline in cache.h which 
 >just enables L1 cache by flipping a bit in the processor configuration 
 >register 0 (CR0). that's all.
 >it should be renamed to enable_L1_cache() to avoid confusion.
 >the L2 cache can not be enabled in CR0. just take a look at the code 
 >and you'll see.

page 7:

line 473ff

(back after a ulong time..as soon as my linux machine is up+running i'll 
be back in programming business)

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