Peter Stuge peter at stuge.se
Wed Oct 31 06:11:10 CET 2007

Hi Morgan,

On Tue, Oct 30, 2007 at 01:53:35PM +0800, Morgan Tsai /SiS wrote:
> 1. Due to the board 'GA-2761GXDK' is made by GIGABYTE,
> so I have changed the target folder from sis/churchill to
> gigabyte/2761gxdk.

Do you still wish to keep the sis/churchill board in the tree? Is it
just an internal design, or a reference design that your customers
could be using? If your customers work with the design too, I think
it is a good idea to have both the churchill board and the 2761gxdk
board in the LB tree.

> 2. We are now drafting a VGA BIOS redistribution authorisation form
> legal dept. but not complete. Could you wait for some days?

No problem. This is great news! :)

As has already been indicated we would also be interested in native
initialization of the graphics hardware. Can you comment at all on
that subject?

The reason for this interest is that the VGA BIOS is run inside an
emulator in LinuxBIOS, that is slow and usually not the best
solution, but so far it is the only way we have been able to
initialize most graphics hardware. (There is one exception;
ATI RageXL, which has native initialization support in LB.)

> I will release a new tarball with sign-off as soon as possible when
> it ready.

If you send a patch against svn HEAD rather than a complete tarball
you can expect faster response from more people on the list.

If it's not practical for you to produce the patch yourself we can
and will help you with that but it may take slightly longer before
you get comments back.


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