Morgan Tsai /SiS my_tsai at sis.com
Tue Oct 30 06:53:35 CET 2007

Dear Stefan,

Thanks for your help, we are now fixing the coding style and comment issue.
I'm very glad to get much suggestion from the community, and still working
on improvement.

There are two important issues before commit the code.

1. Due to the board 'GA-2761GXDK' is made by GIGABYTE,
so I have changed the target folder from sis/churchill to
gigabyte/2761gxdk. Some configuration for this board will be
stored in src/mainboard/gigabyte/2761gxdk

2. We are now drafting a VGA BIOS redistribution authorisation form legal
dept. but not complete. Could you wait for some days? I will release a new
tarball with sign-off as soon as possible when it ready.


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Dear Morgan,

thank you very much for your contributions. The code has been checked
into the LinuxBIOS repository. We are looking forward to work with SiS
in the future.


* Morgan Tsai <my_tsai at sis.com> [071018 13:00]:
> Dear folks,
> It supports SiS761GX / SiS966 chipset, only for AMD K8 platform so far.
> Due to integrated VGA sharing system memory, some code in southbridge
> folder
> have to init northbridge.
> Please take a review and help to commit, thank you!
> Morgan

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