[LinuxBIOS] Motherboard support for single core AMD Atlon-64 with ATI chipset

Henry keultjes hbkeultjes at earthlink.net
Mon Oct 29 19:58:21 CET 2007


I am a volunteer with a local non-profit organization, Toy Time, 
intending to improve on what we do for kids who get our computers by 
switching to pure Linux boxes.  The objective would be to, instead of 
just giving these kids an old PC box with windows, we would teach them 
how to assemble their own boxes, load Linux *and*  teach them Basic.

Because we get more than enough donations of old computers, our hardware 
costs in the past have been zero.  However, giving kids an obsolete box 
and then expecting them be enthused with such a gift seems too much to 
ask and is thus not very productive from the standpoint of growing an 
upcoming IT generation.  Therefore we would like to switch our program 
to equipping those boxes with identical MicroATX motherboards with AMD 
Athlon-64 single core processors and ATI chipsets.  I picked this 
combination because it is fairly modern and I am expecting the price 
that we will have to pay to be affordable at around $20 each. 

However, while I can find many affordable ASUS A8N-E Socket 939 boards 
that have LinuxBIOS support, they are ATX, not MicroATX and they do not 
have the ATI chipset.

What are the chances of someone on this group jumping on this to make 
LinuxBIOS work on those specs?

I would be willing, actually it would be my preference, to buy a few of 
these boards and ship them to the volunteer.

I am also open to discussing and considering alternatives as long as you 
don't try to talk me out of LinuxBIOS because I look at that few seconds 
boot as something these kids need as a show-off against their more 
affluent peers.

Henry Keultjes
Mansfield Ohio USA
Direct 419-525-1111

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