[LinuxBIOS] virtual box

Carl-Daniel Hailfinger c-d.hailfinger.devel.2006 at gmx.net
Sat Oct 27 03:01:48 CEST 2007

On 27.10.2007 00:51, Ward Vandewege wrote:
> On Fri, Oct 26, 2007 at 10:29:23AM -0700, ron minnich wrote:
>> I think it's time we put an lguest kernel in flash, and show the world
>> how free software does virtualization.
> Yes!


>> I want to buy a kick-ass(TM) mainboard which
>> runs LB, is supported by buildrom, and will support 2MB flash parts. I
>> want to buy the package from (e.g.) newegg. This will be a wiki entry
>> when I'm done.
>> So:
>> - what board?
> How about that new mini-dtx gigabyte board that the SIS folks contributed
> code for?

Not sure whether it supports SATA2. The board is not released yet and
the barebone Shuttle SS21T (same chipset, different board) got less than
stellar reviews for VGA output quality.

> Alternatively, the gigabyte m57sli-s4; but as Torsten pointed out today there
> are some issues still with PCI and PCI-E (interrupts) on that board. No acpi
> yet either. But it's not so hard to add a second SOIC/SPI chip on the free
> pads on the board - we have verified instructions (thanks Peter!). We can
> burn SPI chips now on this board thanks to Carl-Daniels work. The board is
> really very nice with 6 SATA ports and lots of bells and whistles.

AFAIK there are even more pitfalls like Firewire etc.

I should verify my list of issues with the current M57SLI code and go
over each one to see it's fixed.

>> - any favorite video card? Cheap is better.
> Any $30 or so ATI card should be fine if you're not interested in super
> graphics performance; the free accelerated drivers should appear sometime
> soon-ish...

We are talking about 6+ months from now for a well-working 3D driver for
R5xx cards according to sources in the Xorg camp. 3D drivers for earlier
cards are still further away. And $30 cards probably won't be R5xx.

> Didn't that mini-dtx board have onboard vga? Even cheap discrete video cards
> draw way too much power for my taste these days, if you're not interested in
> 3D acceleration.

I'd like a board with onboard DVI connector. That gives you nice
graphics quality and can do both analog and digital monitor connections.
Unfortunately, all chipsets supporting that (Nvidia Geforce/ AMD SB600)
are unsupported under LB.
For the Nvidia chipset, that is unlikely to change because the number of
persons with access to the docs hovers around 1 and none of them (ha!)
has time to work on it.
For the AMD chipset, we can be sure AMD has access to its own data
sheets. ;-)

There are some really silent (read: no chipset fan required) and
affordable (sub €60) mainboards with AMD 690G/SB600 and a nice feature
set on the market. We'll see what gets supported in the future.


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