[LinuxBIOS] About VGA question in the EPIA-M motherboard

GTLin at via.com.tw GTLin at via.com.tw
Fri Oct 26 10:40:09 CEST 2007

Hi all,

During compile linuxbios for EPIA-M, have some error message.

The way that I compile as follow:

At first, I build a payload “filo.elf” and put it in /

According to HOWTO document, I fix some setting.


In LinuxBIOSv2-2860/src/mainboard/via/epia-m/Options.lb




In LinuxBIOSv2-2860/targets/via/epia-m/Config.lb

romimage "normal"

           option USE_FALLBACK_IMAGE=0

#option ROM_IMAGE_SIZE=128*1024

           option ROM_IMAGE_SIZE=64*1024

           option LINUXBIOS_EXTRA_VERSION=".0-Normal"

           payload /filo.elf



romimage "fallback" 

           option USE_FALLBACK_IMAGE=1

           #option ROM_IMAGE_SIZE=128*1024

           option ROM_IMAGE_SIZE=60*1024

           option LINUXBIOS_EXTRA_VERSION=".0-Fallback"

           payload /filo.elf


In LinuxBIOSv2-2860/targets/via/epia-m/via_epia-m/Makefile

./linuxbios.rom: normal/linuxbios.rom  fallback/linuxbios.rom

         cat  /crtbios.rom  fallback/linuxbios.rom > ./linuxbios.rom


.PHONY: all clean fallback-clean normal-clean fallback/linuxbios.rom normal/linuxbios.rom


After compile, it has some error message.


rm -f linuxbios.a

ar cr linuxbios.a  malloc.o lapic_cpu_init.o pci_ops.o lapic.o smbus_ops.o memset.o pci_ops_auto.o linuxbios_table.o fallback_boot.o pciexp_device.o tables.o keyboard.o acpi_tables.o pnp_device.o printk.o dsdt.o irq_tables.o pcix_device.o decode.o pci_device.o console.o fadt.o elfboot.o hardwaremain.o boot.o i8259.o delay.o version.o pci_ops_mmconf.o memcmp.o exception.o secondary.o isa-dma.o acpi.o pcibios.o hypertransport.o vtxprintf.o ops.o prim_ops.o root_device.o cardbus_device.o uart8250.o sys.o device_util.o rl5c476.o ./option_table.o compute_ip_checksum.o device.o mtrr.o northbridge.o memcpy.o agp_device.o clog2.o vt1211.o pirq_routing.o memmove.o microcode.o pci_rom.o delay_tsc.o pci_ops_conf2.o pci_ops_conf1.o mc146818rtc.o cache.o fpu.o rom_stream.o debug.o c_start.o ops2.o biosemu.o vsprintf.o cpu.o static.o

gcc -m32 -nostdlib -r -o linuxbios_ram.o c_start.o  vt8235_lpc.o uart8250_console.o vt8235.o vt8235_ide.o mainboard.o vt8235_usb.o vga_console.o vt8235_nic.o model_centaur_init.o linuxbios.a /usr/lib/gcc-lib/i586-suse-linux/3.3.3/libgcc.a

gcc -m32 -nostdlib -nostartfiles -static -o linuxbios_ram -T /usr/LinuxBIOSv2-2860/src/config/linuxbios_ram.ld linuxbios_ram.o

linuxbios_ram.o(.text+0xe26a): In function `vga_init':

: undefined reference to `setup_realmode_idt'

linuxbios_ram.o(.text+0xe27b): In function `vga_init':

: undefined reference to `do_vgabios'

linuxbios_ram.o(.text+0xe280): In function `vga_init':

: undefined reference to `vga_enable_console'

collect2: ld returned 1 exit status

make[1]: *** [linuxbios_ram] Error 1

make[1]: Leaving directory `/usr/LinuxBIOSv2-2860/targets/via/epia-m/via_epia-m/normal'

make: *** [normal/linuxbios.rom] Error 1


I have trace source code and can’t fix it.

Can you help me to answer what it happen?


Thank for your kindness help.




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