[LinuxBIOS] Which BIOS Savior for VIA EPIA M-II?

Coquelicot coquelicot408 at gmail.com
Fri Oct 26 10:22:04 CEST 2007

Dear LinuxBIOSers,

I have a brand new VIA EPIA M-II (with 1 GHz CPU) motherboard that I would
like to boot faster than by factory default (carputer projects). I have
following purchased BIOS Savior from FrozenCPU : RD1-PMC2 but it seems that
it is the wrong one (I have installed the BIOS Savior but the motherboard
doesn't boot, I have tried both positions of the switch). After replacing
the original BIOS back on the motherboard the boot works OK, so it seems
that's definitely the BIOS Savior chip that is not working.

I am tempted to do the direct flashing (ie. without the BIOS Savior) but I
know that's pretty risky... especially that I want the motherboard boot
Linux from CF port (I read the howto and I think I know what to do) which
can be tricky.

Greetings to all LinuxBIOS users & developers,

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