[LinuxBIOS] Advantech 582x

Gregg C Levine hansolofalcon at worldnet.att.net
Wed Oct 17 01:37:58 CEST 2007

Indeed. According to Corey the chipset is indeed partly supported. However
it’s the video that isn't at the moment. 

I would rather pick a target that's more completely supported. Are any of
the Soekris boards supported for example?
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> > Actually in answer to your questions concerning such things as a null
> > cable, that one is a yes. The other problem is that this machine a Dell
> > GX150 is that he's an Intel job that is he's wearing both a native P3
and an
> > Intel branded chipset, it’s the I810 series.
> Actually, you're lucky here. The i810 is one of the few chipsets which
> are supported (partly at least).
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