[LinuxBIOS] Advantech 582x

Corey Osgood corey.osgood at gmail.com
Wed Oct 17 01:32:09 CEST 2007

Gregg C Levine wrote:
> Hello!
> Actually in answer to your questions concerning such things as a null modem
> cable, that one is a yes. The other problem is that this machine a Dell
> GX150 is that he's an Intel job that is he's wearing both a native P3 and an
> Intel branded chipset, it’s the I810 series.
> Now it's my understanding that the Intel ones are still hands off until the
> company decides to play fair with us. That is I believe the datasheets are
> available to any developer who's writing ordinary programs, but the
> initialization routines for BIOS developers, now that's a different story.
> Probably granted only under an NDA. Ron, did Intel ever want to really
> cooperate with the group? Or were they always this grouchy regarding the
> whole idea?

Intel i810 is already partially (mostly) supported. It's not pretty and
not perfect, but the asus mew-vm is supported. There's no video support
atm though, that might present a bit of a challenge.


> Anyway Uwe this machine is my primary Linux development station. I only ran
> the commands to see what they would return. Besides, for what I am planning
> regarding this list's work it would be probably a Geode based system. Such
> as the Advantech based gizmo that started this thread.
> Good suggestions though.
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>> On Tue, Oct 16, 2007 at 04:48:35PM -0400, Gregg C Levine wrote:
>>> Hello!
>>> Just for fun I ran that same command on my Dell GX150 that I use for
> Linux
>>> work, and this is what he said:
>>> root at jimkirk:/# lspci -tvvn
>>> -[0000:00]-+-00.0  8086:1130
>>>                   +-02.0  8086:1132
>>>                   +-1e.0-[0000:01]----0c.0  10b7:9200
>>>                   +-1f.0  8086:2440
>>>                   +-1f.1  8086:244b
>>>                   +-1f.2  8086:2442
>>>                   +-1f.3  8086:2443
>>>                   +-1f.4  8086:2444
>>>                     \-1f.5  8086:2445
>>> root at jimkirk:/#
>>> Now would one of you be interested in explaining exactly what he
> responded
>>> with? (Be careful of formatting errors.)
>> Please re-run as 'lspci -tvnn' (note the small but important
>> difference), and also post the 'superiotool -dV' output?
>> This is a very different board, though, it has nothing to do with the
>> AMD Geode GX1. Your's is an Intel-board which just happens to be called
> GX1.
>> Do you want to run LinuxBIOS on this one? Does flashrom work on the
>> board? Do you have a spare ROM chip, a null-modem cable etc. to test
> patches?
>> Uwe.
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