[LinuxBIOS] M57SLI Rev2.0 SPI - how to add the second bios chip (incl. pictures)

Harald Gutmann harald.gutmann at gmx.net
Sat Oct 13 19:30:29 CEST 2007

Am Samstag, 13. Oktober 2007 18:32:28 schrieb Ward Vandewege:
> I have updated the M57SLI build tutorial to indicate that the SOIC hardware
> hack has been confirmed. I really need to get the components so I can do it
> too on my board.

thanks for adding it to the wiki, because i've no account right now.
getting these chips is quite hard, here in europe, but i'd recommend you, to 
try to get a serial eeprom, with more capacity, because with the mx25l4005 
you just have 512kb space, and linuxbios with LAB as payload would require 

as reported here 
(http://linuxbios.org/pipermail/linuxbios/2007-September/024494.html), it is 
no problem to use an eeprom with more capacity.
also documented (here 
http://linuxbios.org/pipermail/linuxbios/2007-September/024189.html and here 
http://linuxbios.org/pipermail/linuxbios/2007-September/024196.html) is, that 
the clock signal is either 16mhz or 25mhz, but not the 85mhz wich are 
documented in the 85mhz wich the MX25L4005A has.
so i think, that it should be no problem to add an s.eeprom with more capacity 
and lower clock rate. (and also the manufacturer shouldn't mind. when the 
technical specifications are the same/nearly the same). 

> Thanks!
> Ward.


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