[LinuxBIOS] [PATCH] Small improvements for BCOM WinNET100

Juergen Beisert juergen127 at kreuzholzen.de
Thu Oct 11 08:31:18 CEST 2007


On Thursday 11 October 2007 03:30, Uwe Hermann wrote:
> I have not yet read all of your PDF and all code, but there seem to be
> lots of useful patches in there... I hope we can merge all/most of them
> soon (in LinuxBIOS as well as in Linux). Please send patches for
> the stuff which is ready to be committed...

Ready to be committed *where*?

> Currently I'm using FILO + a 2.5" hard drive on my IGEL-316 which works
> fine with the attached patch. With "irqpoll" both USB and ethernet also
> work fine with a stock 2.6.22 kernel.
> Audio and VGA doesn't work, I guess I'll need your patches/drivers.

Audio is currently broken. The SMI polling driver needs to be modified (fails 
to compile).

> The "nsc" Xorg driver requires VSA, correct?

Yes. I does video mode setting in the standard way, what means it touches VGA 
registers that do not exist on Geode GX1. Also it relies on a working scratch 
RAM configuration. What is not done within LB.

> The LinuxBIOS VGA part works fine, the logo is displayed!

Same here.

> Some questions about the status table at
> http://linuxbios.org/BCOM_WINNET100_Build_Tutorial:
>  - For "COM2" you wrote: "Simple UART mode only (due to TTL level)".
>    What exactly does that mean? There's no COM2 connector an the
>    back, and I don't see any headers to attch one on the board, either.
>    Is COM2 usable somehow?

Take a look at the board, near the Super IO you will find a 12 pin header (or 
10 pin header, with a card reader connected on my IGEL316). On my board it is 
marked as "JCOM1". This is the second UART, but without a level shifter! All 
levels are TTL only!

        DCD2  1   7 DSR2
        SIN2  2   8 RTS2
        SOUT2 3   9 CTS2
        DTR2  4  10 RI2
         GND  5  11 VCC (5V)
         GND  6  12 nc (not assembled)

These signals could also be (depends on the SuperIO configuration):

DTR2 could be also CFG1 and BOUT2
SOUT2 could be also GPIO36
SIN2 could be also GPIO35
DCD2 could be also GPIO31
DSR2 could be also GPIO32
RTS2 could be also GPIO34
CTS2 could be also GPIO30
RI2 could be also GPIO33

>  - I didn't test the parallel port with anything useful yet, but simply
>    doing 'modprobe ppdev' works without errors, the module loads fine.

I never used the lpt on this device.

>  - Any ideas about the smartcard reader? Not that I need it, but it
>    would be useful to know the status. Do we know something about how
>    it works (datasheets?) or is there even some Linux driver for it?
>    Does it need special init in LinuxBIOS?

I did not find any documentation about the used device. I only know its 
connected through the UART2 with TTL levels.


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