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Tue Oct 9 01:28:26 CEST 2007

I have Tyan s2891 motherboard flashed with linuxbios. I had corrupted my root Ubuntu installation and now Filo 0.5 with a "grub>" prompt is displayed upon boot up. From this prompt I wanted to boot the Ubuntu install cd-rom to recover or reinstall. I have gotten as far as changing root to the cdrom by the command syntax 'root (hd2,0)', kernel /, boot. The partition on the cd-rom is recognized at this point (Im assumeing by the output of the serial console to hyperterminal output) and I am then back at the grub> prompt. Any help would be appreciated for the syntax on booting the Ubuntu cd from this prompt. I am brand new to this and a student at school on the holiday that is trying to learn :) Thank you for your help.

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