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On Sun, Oct 07, 2007 at 01:08:06PM +0900, Jun OKAJIMA wrote:
> I checked the video. It looks great. Good work.
> But, your way limits functionality. You can use only Tiny/X and busybox and...
> If you use Firefox, using CD-ROM is necessary, right?

CDROM is one possibility, a disk or USB thumb drive is possible too.

> So, combining your way and my way would be a right choice.
> And, the problem is not only BIOS, but a firm ware of CD-ROM also.
> In some drives, to recognize a medium and start reading requies more than 10 sec.
> I mean, to start reading uses more time than booting Linux itself.
> To solve this, probably so-called "LinuxFirmware" would be necessary...

Yeah, but CDROMs are too slow per definition. If you want the greatest
boot speed you need something faster, dunno, maybe a fast USB thumb drive
or CompactFlash card or so.

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