[LinuxBIOS] [PATCH] Call for help: superiotool

Uwe Hermann uwe at hermann-uwe.de
Fri Oct 5 17:36:23 CEST 2007

On Fri, Oct 05, 2007 at 03:32:43PM +0200, Rasmus Wiman wrote:
> Uwe Hermann <uwe at hermann-uwe.de> wrote:
> > If you want to, feel free to grab the datasheet and add dump support.
> > Nothing complex, just a bit time-consuming...
> Not so time-consuming for an unemployed guy like me. A few questions,
> though. I am not sure how I am supposed to use the constants NANA, RSVD
> and MISC, as defined in superiotool.h. I marked the default for global

This is up for discussion, more or less. Here's how I handled it until now:

RSVD -- registers marked as reverved in the datasheet

NANA -- do default available / mentioned in the datasheet

MISC -- random other values which cannot be expressed in numbers
        (e.g. "Bits 0 and 1 depend on the state of xyz, rest is 0"; in this
         case the default could be 0x03 or 0x00, we don't know. Thus MISC.)

> CR 07 and 21 as NANA, but 07 is logical device number and msd of 21 is

CR 07 is debatable anyway. There's no real value in listing it at all,
IMO. Maybe we should just drop it from all listings? Comments?

Revision IDs (which can change from chip to chip) should be NANA, at
least that's how I handle them usually.

> supposedly always 1 and lsd is chip revision id, on my HF it is 7. For
> 24 the datasheet says "Default 0b1s000s0s", a notation I'm unfamiliar

Good candidate for MISC, yes.

> with, so I set the default to MISC. This is very likely the wrong way
> to do it. Also, a few registers are specified as "reserved" or
> "Test:Reserver for winbond", but they provide a default, so I entered
> that default.

Hm, neither solution is good for this case, IMO. But we have to choose
one of them. I don't care which. Opinions?

> Also, I only grabbed the W83627HF/F datasheet, I think there was a HG/G
> sheet available too.

Yes. But its unlikely that they're (very) different if they're
documented in the same datasheet. I'll check later.

I was about to commit, but noticed that you forgot to add a
Signed-off-by line, see 
Please repost with a Signed-off-by.

No need to rediff btw, we can adapt the patch to (smaller) changes
right before committing.

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