[LinuxBIOS] Tyan Thunder n3600R (S2912) support status?

niko niko at ornia.hampshire.edu
Fri Oct 5 09:41:56 CEST 2007

Hello there,

I'm in the midst of an upgrade for my server, but I want the entire 
thing to run 100% Free Software, including LinuxBIOS.  The Tyan S2912 
seems to be a perfect match feature/specifications wise for what I am 
searching for.  I need a dual Socket F board with built in SAS and SATA2 
with RAID-5 support on the latter, and ideally two gigabit NICs to 
boot.  This Tyan board largely fits this description more than any other 
board on the LinuxBIOS supported motherboard compatibility list.

The problem is that on the list it is still marked "WIP" with a yellow 
box instead of a green one.  What is the current status of LinuxBIOS 
support for this board?  Will it work at all or maybe partially?  What 
is/isn't working?  I need these certain features on my next motherboard, 
but I also need stability with LinuxBIOS on the board.  Is this too much 
to ask for a dual Socket F board such as this Tyan?

I should also note that I'm not particularly attached to this board.  If 
LinuxBIOS works better with another dual Socket F board, I would love to 
know about it.  I just need the SAS and SATA2, really.

I would sincerely love it if someone could help me understand the 
current state of LinuxBIOS support for this class of motherboards...

..here's hoping the compatibility list is out of date!

Thank you,


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