[LinuxBIOS] flashrom erase failed

Marc Jones marc.jones at amd.com
Mon Oct 1 22:22:18 CEST 2007

Lane Brooks wrote:
> I am trying to flash an SST49LF008A on a board with a Geode CS5536AD 
> southbridge using flashrom.  It reads fine, but when I try to write, it 
> failed with an ERASE FAILED message.  Any ideas on why?
> Thanks,
> Lane Brooks

Geode systems write protect the BIOS via RCONFs (cache settings similar 
to MTRRs). Change MSR 0x1808 top byte to 0x22. Then run flashrom.

 > rdmsr 0x1808
MSR register 0x1808 => 25:ff:fc:02:13:f7:df:00
 > wrmsr 0x1808 22:ff:fc:02:13:f7:df:00
MSR register 0x1808 => 22:ff:fc:02:13:f7:df:00


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