[LinuxBIOS] Problems with Filo booting - HELP

joe at smittys.pointclark.net joe at smittys.pointclark.net
Mon Oct 1 15:48:27 CEST 2007

Quoting Corey Osgood <corey.osgood at gmail.com>:

> joe at smittys.pointclark.net wrote:
>> Corey the onboard memory is 128MB. I have to set the video buffer to
>> something or it won't boot past raminit.c. I have it set to 512K.
>> Could this be causing the problem? I will test it with memtest.
> In northbridge.c, you are subtracting that 512K from the usable ram? I
> meant to post back that I'd looked it up and you do have 128MB, but
> forgot. But yeah, check with memtest.
> -Corey
Well I can definatly say there is a memory issue somewhere. memtest  
won't even boot. I don't even know where to go from here :(

Thanks - Joe

Welcome to elfboot, the open sourced starter.
January 2002, Eric Biederman.
Version 1.3

rom_stream: 0xfffd0000 - 0xfffeffff
Found ELF candidate at offset 0
header_offset is 0
Try to load at offset 0x0
malloc Enter, size 32, free_mem_ptr 00018000
malloc 0x00018000
New segment addr 0x10000 size 0x17790 offset 0x1000 filesize 0x17790
(cleaned up) New segment addr 0x10000 size 0x17790 offset 0x1000  
filesize 0x17790
lb: [0x0000000000004000, 0x000000000001c000)
segment: [0x0000000000010000, 0x0000000000027790, 0x0000000000027790)
malloc Enter, size 32, free_mem_ptr 00018020
malloc 0x00018020
    late: [0x000000000001c000, 0x0000000000027790, 0x0000000000027790)
  bounce: [0x0000000007fdc000, 0x0000000007fe8000, 0x0000000007fe8000)
Loading Segment: addr: 0x0000000007fdc000 memsz: 0x000000000000c000  
filesz: 0x000000000000c000
[ 0x0000000007fdc000, 0000000007fe8000, 0x0000000007fe8000) <-  
Loading Segment: addr: 0x000000000001c000 memsz: 0x000000000000b790  
filesz: 0x000000000000b790
[ 0x000000000001c000, 0000000000027790, 0x0000000000027790) <-  
Loaded segments
verified segments
closed down stream
Jumping to boot code at 0x10000
entry    = 0x00010000
lb_start = 0x00004000
lb_size  = 0x00018000
adjust   = 0x07fe4000
buffer   = 0x07fd0000
      elf_boot_notes = 0x000139a0
adjusted_boot_notes = 0x07ff79a0
Unexpected Exception: -1 @ ffffffff:ffffffff - Halting
Code: -1 eflags: ffffffff
eax: ffffffff ebx: ffffffff ecx: ffffffff edx: 00018000
edi: ffffffff esi: ffffffff ebp: 0010003c esp: 00100014

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